MESTEK ST01 جهاز فحص السوكت
MESTEK ST01 جهاز فحص السوكت - سوق عگد النصارى سوق عگد النصارى
MESTEK ST01 جهاز فحص السوكت - سوق عگد النصارى سوق عگد النصارى

    MESTEK ST01 جهاز فحص السوكت

    13,600 دينار و الدفع عند الاستلام 17,000 دينار و الدفع عند الاستلام


      Certification: CE

      Origin: CN(Origin)

      Application: Residential / General-Purpose

      Shape: Square


      Standard: 220V~250V

      Grounding: GFCI




      This socket tester is used to check whether the poles of the power socket are connected according to the requirements,and whether the power protection system of the household is normal.It can promptly remind the user to make adjustments to the sockets of faults and safe hazards,thus guarantees the safety of household electricity.


      with only one button for easy operation.

      plug and play design,can check the socket quickly.

      3 bright LED indication to indicate the status of circuit clearly.

      with 7 different patterns:correct,open ground,open neutral,hot/new reverse,hot/GRD Reverse,Open hot and live neutral reverse.

      Includes RCD leakage protection test function.

      Written with detailed explanation,easy for a newer to use it

      Lightweight and compact size,easy to carry and storage.

      Widely used for electrical maintenance tests,office shot tests,energy strips test and power outlets in school,laboratory,factory,etc.


      Plug type:EU/UK(optional)

      Norminal Voltage:AC 220~250V,50~60Hz

      Rated residual operating current:30mA


      1.socket tester displays"correct",it means the pole is connected correctly,but does not means resistance value is passed designation standard.

      2.Only passing"creeping switch test",it can finally obtain the earth resistance value to test whether the protection system works well or not.

      3.To emsure your safety,don't make the insert out of shape to affect the test result.

      4.Turn off the electrical appliances before you checking the power protection systems to ensure no harms.






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