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IT20G Mestek Insulation Resistance Tester 1000V 20GΩ Digital Megger مستك العراق

IT20G Mestek Insulation Resistance Tester 1000V 20GΩ Digital Megger مستك العراق

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item3: Megohmmeter

item2: Resistance Voltage Tester

item1: Insulation Resistance Tester

Weight: 700g

Testing Voltage: 250V~2500V

Test voltage display: Yes

Size: 180*140*70mm

Screen backlight: Yes

Polarization Index PI: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Operating Temperature: 0~40C

Model Number: IT20G

Measuring Range: 0.1Mohm~20Gohm

Measure time display: Yes

High voltage indication: Yes

Display Type: Digital Only

Dimensions: 21*20*9cm

Data retention: Yes


Certification: CE

Brand Name: MESTEK

Battery: 8*1.5V AA batteries

Auto shut-down: Yes

Auto range: Yes

Auto discharge: Yes

Accuracy Class: Insulation Resistance Tester

Absorption ratio DAR: Yes

AC/DC voltage measure: 10~600V

100 Groups of data storage: Yes


Insulation Resistance Tester

Insulation resistance measurement

100 sets of data storage

Polarization Index PI /Absorption ratio DAR

Full functioning

High-precision megger with multiple functions in one

-AC/DC voltage measurement

-Insulation resistance measurement

-Data retention

-Polarization Index PI

-Absorption ratio DAR

-100 sets of data storage

-Automatic shut-down


-Low Voltage Alert

Multipurpose display

Suitable for measuring transformers, motors, cables,switches, electrical appliances, etc.Insulation resistance,of electrical equipment and insulating materials.It is suitable for the maintenance, repair, test and inspection of various electrical equipment.

Accessories upgrade

Standard accessories:10cm large alligator clip and 1 .2m lantern sillicone test lead

Product Size

Analysis of Insulation Resistance Tester Function Panel

Technical parameter

Absorption ratio DAR

Determine whether the equipment is affected by the Instrument programming defaults for calculating DAR with insulation resistance values Instrument programming defaults for at 15 seconds and 60 seconds

Polarization Index PI

Deterioration of Insulator Quality by Polarization Index of Insulation Measurements. Calculate PI using insulation resistance values at 1 minute and 10 minutes.

Insulation resistance high voltage output

Connect the test leads to both ends of the instrument and select the output voltage value.Press (Test) the key to perform discharge measurement.

AC/DC voltage measurement

Short press SELECT key in standby interface to enter AC voltage measurement.

Press again to switch to DC voltage measurement.Voltage measurement range: 10~600V

100 groups of data storage

After measuring the insulation resistance value,press HOLD the key to keep the data first, and the screen will appear“HOLD”symbol, and then press MEN READ to save the data.

Press to delete a single set of data, press PI/DAR to delete all stored data.

ABS shockproof material

The jacket is made of double-layer insulation material, shockproof and wear-resistant.Avoid hardware damage caused by the host falling.

LCD HD Backlight

Long press HOLD to turn on the backlight,No longer afraid of the night, can work in the dark environment.

Adjustable 45° Support frame

The 45°inner angle support frame can be adjusted freely during measurement.Measurement is more convenient.

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