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جهاز الكشف عن الاشعاع الكهرومغناطيسي Electromagnetic Radiation Tester.

جهاز الكشف عن الاشعاع الكهرومغناطيسي Electromagnetic Radiation Tester.

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جهاز الكشف عن الاشعاع الكهرومغناطيسي Electromagnetic Radiation Tester.

الكشف عن شدة الموجات الكهرومغناطيسية المنبعثة من الأجهزة الكهربائية و الهواتف النقالة و الحواسيب، و من الأسلاك الكهربائية داخل الجدران.

1.The electromagnetic radiation tester successfully tests the compatibility of electric field radiation and magnetic field radiation and achieves the best test results.
2.The product has a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which is processed by a micro-control chip.
3.Three-axis signal detection, high-sensitivity three-axis induction probe (X, Y, Z axis electric field and magnetic field measurement).
4.High-definition color screen display, digital and analog dual display, easy to use and easy to operate.
5.Shockproof rubber shell, the shell is made of rubber shell material, which is comfortable to touch, anti-fall and wear-resistant, and has strong impact resistance.
6.Commonly used 3 AAA batteries are used for power supply, which is easy to replace and saves energy. (battery not included).

Working height:2000m
Measurement mode:Electromagnetic induction
Display:VA reverse display color screen
Maximum display:9999
Sampling rate:About 0.4 second
Measuring range:V/m : 0~9999/uT : 0~74/mG : 0~740
Resolution:V/m : 1/uT : 0.01/mg : 0.1
Automatic shutdown:About 10 minutes
Operating current:About 20mA
Power supply:1.5v*3 AAA ( Not included battery !)
Measuring temperature range:-10~60 ℃
Working temperature and humidity:0~60℃/0~85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity:-10~60℃/0~80% RH

Complete functions

High definition digital display electromagnetic radiometer tetser with multiple functions

Multi purpose display

It is widely used in families, offices, living areas,high-speed railways, signal base stations, etc;high-speed railways, signal base stations, etc;

Color display

Digital and analog dual display,easy to use and operate

Shockproof rubber shell

The shell is made of rubber shell,which is comfortable to handle, resistant to falling and abrasion,and has strong impact resistance

Three direction signal detection

Highly sensitive three direction induction probe(X, Y, Z axial electric and magnetic field measurement)

Let radiation hide nowhere

In daily living environment, the radiation comes from computers, televisions, microwave ovens,electric fans, mobile phones, etc

Radiation is everywhere

When screen displays electromagnetic radiation analog bar reaching the yellow area, the instrument alarms, screen simultaneously displays ALARM and Harmful prompts, indicating that radiation exceeds the standard, and we should take steps and keep away from the radiation source.

Radiation has the greatest

impact on pregnant women,impact on pregnant women,especially in the first three months of pregnancy ,which is easy to cause spontaneous abortion, abnormal babies,and affect the normal development of the fetus.

Infant growth

Long term exposure to radiation can lead to memory impairment, intellectual impairment, bone growth retardation, childhood leukemia, easily cause childhood asthma, and seriously threaten the normal development of children.


Radiation will affect the cardiovascular system of the elderly, manifested as palpitation, insomnia, body immunity, leukopenia, and decreased cell repair ability.

3*AAA battery

It is powered by 3*AAA battery,which are easy to replace and save energy

Product size

Craft with ingenuity and pursue the meticulous quality of products

Screen Display

Technial Parameter


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