Digital Clamp CM87D كلامب ميتر مستك العراق
Digital Clamp  CM87D - سوق عگد النصارى
Digital Clamp  CM87D - سوق عگد النصارى
Digital Clamp  CM87D - سوق عگد النصارى
Digital Clamp  CM87D - سوق عگد النصارى
Digital Clamp  CM87D - سوق عگد النصارى

    Digital Clamp CM87D كلامب ميتر مستك العراق

    109,000 دينار و الدفع عند الاستلام


      Weight: 210g

      Usage 4: DC Clamp

      Usage 3: NCV Ohm Hz Tester

      Usage 2: Multimeter

      Usage 1: AC DC Digital Clamp Meter

      Temperature probe measure: Yes

      Power supply: 2* 1.5V AAA batteries(not included)

      Overload Protection: Yes.

      Origin: Mainland China

      Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree

      Operating Mode: Auto Range

      Model Number: CM87D clamp meter

      Measuring Voltage Range: 600mV/6V/60V/600V (DC)

      Measuring Resistance Range: 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60M ohm

      Measuring Inductance Range: DC clamp meter

      Measuring Current Range: 60A/600A (DC/AC)

      Measuring Capacitance Range: 10nF~60mF

      LIVE wire check: Yes

      LCD Display: 3 5/6 digits,6000 countts

      Frequency: 10/100/1k/20k Hz

      Display Type: Digital Only

      Diode: Yes

      Dimensions: 230*140*50

      DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL

      Continuity/Buzzer: Yes.

      Certification: CE

      Brand Name: MESTEK

      Battery Low Volatge Display: Yes

      Auto Shutdown: Yes

      AC Voltage: 6V/60V/600V (AC)

      Main Feature:

      ● Ultra-portable tools for advance electricians. The DC AC current can be tested quickly, accurately and safely without damaging the insulation on the line surface.

      ● Maximum display: 6000Counts. Compared with similar products,The CM87D still has high accuracy for a larger measurement range (0~600A).

      ● The Automatic-Range operation mode can effectively avoid burning the device, and the operation is safer and faster!

      ● This product is suitable for use in various factories and some power and eleectrical maintenance depatments

      Order notice:

      ● The CM87D product supports testing of DC AC current.

      ● Buy now!!! Send in 18 hours and receive parcel in a short time

      600A AC/DC current measurement

      High-precision clamp head, no need to break the wire core
      AC/DC current can be accurately measured
      When measuring current, only live wire and only one core wire can be measured

      Temperature measurement

      The temperature can be measured by connecting the temperature
      probe, and the current ambient temperature can be
      measured without the temperature probe
      Short press the SELECT key to switch
      the display between °C/°F

      Auto range

      automatically recognize the range automatically recognize the range

      NCV non-contact induction

      When the NCV probe of the meter is gradually approached to the detected point, the AC voltage intensity is detected, The instrument will automatically give an alarm prompt

      Zero FireWire Recognition Live

      The red test lead is inserted into the "INPUT" jack,When the test lead is connected to the live wire, the buzzer emits a beeping sound, and when the test lead is connected to the neutral wire, no sound is emitted.

      HD LCD large screen

      Large screen backlit display, clear writing 35/6 digit
      6000 count display, easy to understand

      Flashtight lighting

      You can clearly see the screen and the measurement position in a dark environment, and measure at will

      Large jaw design

      The jaws of the meter can be opened up to 25mm
      suitable for various wire measurements
      and easy to measure current

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