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Mestek CM86B True-RMS 3000A AC with iFlex 1000ADC Curent Clamp Meter

Mestek CM86B True-RMS 3000A AC with iFlex 1000ADC Curent Clamp Meter

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working height: Maximum 2000m

show: LCD

sampling time: About 3 times / second

power supply: 3x1.5V AAA batteries

maximum display value: 5999

item 3: DC Current Clamp Meter

item 2: 1000A

item 1: clamp meter

iFlex flexible clamp length: 1.8m

 iFlex Flexible Clamp Dimensions: 7.5mm

Weight: 368g

The highest input voltage of COM/INPUT terminal: AC 750V/DC1000V

Storage temperature: -10°C~50°C

Overrange display: 0L or -0L

Origin: Mainland China

Operating temperature: 0°C~40°C

Operating Temperature: 0~40C

Model Number: CM86B

Measuring Voltage Range: DC:0~1000V AC:0~750V

Measuring Resistance Range: 0~60MΩ

Measuring Inductance Range: clamp meter

Measuring Current RangeDC:1000A

Measuring Current Range: AC:3000A

Measuring Capacitance Range: 0~60mF

Jaw size: 42mm

Display Type: Digital Only

Dimensions: 250*85*45mm


Certification: CE




Brand Name: MESTEK

Auto range: Yes

Selling points

● The CM83A only support testing AC current.
● CM83E/CM86B can measure DC Current.
● CM83E/CM86B can clear data to zero
● CM83E/CM86B supports testing with temperature probe.(send temperature probe)

1000A AC DC clamp meter

Automatic Voltage Low Impedance Measurement
-Inrush measure
-Auto range
-True RMS
-42mm jaw

Full function

Auto-ranging clamp meter with multiple functions in one

-iflex flexible current clamp(send after you choose)
-Auto Voltage Low Impedance ,Inrush -Frequency conversion measure,AC DC current ,AC/DC voltage,temperature ,capacitance -diode,on and off beep -resistance,Fire wire identification,NCV,clean data,data hold,maximum value,minimum value flashlight,Backlight,Auto ranging,auto power-off ,Low battery alert,Frequency measure

Multipurpose display

Widely used in electric power/communication / railway/construction/oil field/metering/scientific research and teaching/industrial and mining enterprises,etc.

Several model for choice

High-precision measurement,intelligent anti-burn,auto range

DC current measurement

When <0.4A, the signal input on the screen will flicker ≥0.5A will not flicker

NCV non-contact measurement

When the NCV induction probe of the instrument is close to the circuit under test, different alarm prompts will be issued according to the voltage intensity

Live Firewire Recognition

Insert the red test lead into the neutral frie wire port,if it is detected as a live wire,the buzzer will sound an alarm,if it is the neutral wire and the ground wire,there is no response

AC voltage measurement

In the AC voltage gear, short press the VFD key to enter the variable frequency measurement function

Contact temperature measurement

Rotate the switch to the temperature gear, plug in the temperature probe to measure, press the SEL button to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Inrush current measurement

Measure the maximum current at the moment when the machine is started, Set the gear to AC and DC current gear, short press to enter INRUSH measurement

HD Backlight

Work measurement day or night

Detailed function

Detailed analysis and actual measurement of each function
-Capacitance measure
-Resistance measure
-Diode measure
-Continuity test
-Flashlight function
-DC voltage measurement

DC current clear to zero

The ZERO clearing function is only used for DC current,and the DC currentAffected by magnetic field,long press the ZERO button to reset before measurement

42mm large jaw

Large jaw design, suitable for cable measurement within 42mm

Data retention

Hold symbol on the screen every 3 seconds after pressing the data hold key It will flash once,press again to cancel

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